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Image of CRUISER

Pre order finished.

Printing early January 2018.

2018 is going to start sporty. New design worshipping all cruisers, skaters and long boarders.
Pushing the little wheels with your leg and enjoy the air in your face.
Whenever you do the fancy tricks or just cruise the streets for pure joy of it.

T-shirt colour: ash grey or sport grey
Print colour: black

During pre-order please state in comment your size and whenever lady size or man size garment, kids sizes from YXS suitable for 7-8 yrs old, YS for 9-10 yrs, YM for 11-12 yrs, YL for 13-14 yrs.

T-shirts will be ash grey or sport grey please state in comment.

MADE IN EUROPE / SLOVAKIA - Slovakian postage free.